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American Glass Exchange - Policies


ITEM DESCRIPTION POLICY American Glass Exchange, LLC, does not give any warranties as to correctness of description, age, attribution, period, provenance, culture, source, origin, genuineness or condition by the dealers represented on this site.

All information, descriptions and transactions are between the dealers who list on this site and the buyers of their merchandise. American Glass Exchange, LLC assumes no liability for any of these. Caveat emptor.
  • Dealers assume full responsibility for their own listings.
  • Dealers have the obligation to agree to complete the transaction to a buyer for their item posting at a fixed price.
  • Dealers assume the obligation to determine whether taxes (sales, use or similar taxes) apply to the transaction; and to collect, report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. AGE LLC does not assume the responsibility to determine whether taxes apply, and to collect, report and remit them to the proper tax authorities.
  • If for whatever reason, there is a problem with a listed item that is sold to a buyer, that is, the item cannot be shipped at the close of the sale, or the item does not appear as originally described to the buyer, the dealer must provide a full refund directly to the buyer for the item in question. Any buyer who believes that he is entitled to a refund, must contact the dealer directly.
  • American Glass Exchange does not warrant that the site or services will meet all of your requirements, always be available, accessible, timely, secure, uninterrupted, or operate without error.
  • All listings will appear on this site for 60 days!
  • Minimum allowable item listing is $50.00.
  • American Glass Exchange listing fee is 3% of your selling price per item, fixed, payable by credit card and you authorize AGE LLC to charge your credit card for the amounts due.
  • American Glass Exchange accepts Master Card and Visa.
  • Your credit card information is not saved on our servers after your purchase to protect your data.
  • This is a secured website for credit card transactions. Your credit card information is encrypted by a 128 bit SSL certificate issued by Geotrust. Verify our identity by clicking on the following link
AMERICAN GLASS EXCHANGE PARTICIPATION The partners of the American Glass Exchange may participate in any fixed price sale by offering their own items for sale and/or purchasing from any dealer listing items on this site. The partners of AGE LLC are subject to the policies as any buyer/dealer on this site.

PRIVACY POLICY At American Glass Exchange, LLC, your privacy is important to us. We recognize that our most important asset is your trust. American Glass Exchange will not ever sell, or divulge, any of our dealers’ private information to third parties. Only dealers’ basic contact information will appear with their listings to facilitate buyer contact.

DEALER REVIEW POLICY Only the American Glass Exchange website administrator and the applicable dealer will be able to have access to their dealer reviews. This measure protects each dealer from unwelcome Internet visitors’ comments.

American Glass Exchange, LLC, reserves the right to remove dealers or listings that do not meet an industry standard.

ILLEGAL ACTIVITY American Glass Exchange, LLC believes in full compliance with the law. The site and its services may be used in a lawful way and for lawful purposes. A dealer may not register to use this site under a false name, or by using an invalid or unauthorized credit card. A dealer may not impersonate any other participant or use another participant’s password. This constitutes fraudulent conduct and is a violation of federal and state laws. AGE LLC will report any fraudulent activities on this site to the proper authorities. AGE LLC will fully cooperate with any requests to provide site-related information to law enforcement. Our goal is to ensure the integrity of this site.

While not obligated to do so, AGE LLC will monitor all activity and content associated with this site. AGE LLC reserves the right and has absolute discretion to remove, screen or edit any content—or dealer--that violates these provisions or is otherwise objectionable.

NO WARRANTIES American Glass Exchange LLC provides its site and services on an "as is" basis. AGE LLC makes no warranties of any kind. AGE LLC has no obligation, liability, right, claim or remedy in tort, whether perceived negligence is involved, or not. Sellers and buyers release American Glass Exchange, LLC including its members from any action of any kind.
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